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Construction of Xi’an New Development Zones

As the most active and energetic area in terms of economic development in Xi’an, the proportion of the new development zones in the economic congregate of the whole city is becoming greater. On the basis of the favorable investment environment, the new development zones have become the base of the system innovation and the commercialization of research findings, and the window of opening-up to the outside world.

Xi’an Integrated National Hi-tech Industries Development Base

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) held the Plaque Awarding Ceremony of National Hi-tech Industries Base on February 29, 2008. Xi’an has elevated to be one of the six biggest hi-tech industries bases of China, together with Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and becoming the only one integrated national hi-tech industries base in West China. Xi’an’s being elected has fully manifested the important position of Xi’an in the development of the national hi-tech industries and best exemplified the comprehensive strength of Xi’an. The value of Xi’an City has stepped into a fully encashment period and the new stage of accelerated development.


Revolving around industries of information, biology, civil aviation and spaceflight, new materials, and new energy, etc., Xi’an Integrated National Hi-tech Industries Development Base will, depending on innovation of system, mechanism, and technology, take further steps to integrate and make use of technological and industrial resources, enhance core competitiveness, make efforts to realize industrialized and large-scaled high techniques, and construct industries cluster with international competitiveness in such fields as aerospace, biology, information, new materials, and new energy, etc., to build Xi’an into a first-class internationalized, specialized, diversified, and centralized integrated hi-tech industries base in China, and further promote Xi’an’s economy to develop soundly and quickly.


Seen from distribution of industries, hi-tech industries like aerospace, biology, information, new materials, and new energy, etc. have grown to be leading industries for the economic development of Xi’an. Viewed from distribution of regions, Xi’an’s hi-tech industries mainly cluster in the four national development zones (bases): Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone, Xi’an Economic & Technological Development Zone, Xi’an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base, and Xi’an National Civil Spaceflight Industrial Base, whose total hi-tech industrial output value accounts for approximately 90% of the total amount of the whole city. They are the power source for the sustainable and rapid development of Xi’an’s economy.

Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone

Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone (XHTZ) is among the first batch of national hi-tech development zones authorized by the State Council in March 1991. XHTZ has, ever since its establishment and depending on first-class investment environment, outstanding ability of independent innovation, and rapidly developing scientific industries, outstood national hi-tech development zones. Besides, it ranks the very front of the 54 national hi-tech development zones in terms of its integrated development index, thus becomes one of the six demonstration priority projects of hi-tech development zones to be built into the world first-class science and technology parks by the country, window of Xi’an opening up to the outside world, the engine for economic growth, the important base for the State to develop hi-tech industries, one of the regions in Mid the West China with most popularity, most advanced technology, most favorable industries, and most beautiful environment, as well as the demonstration and leading zone of people-oriented, vigorous and harmonious Xi’an.

XHTZ is a new vigorous modern science and technology town with consummate public facilities of water, electricity, gas, heat, and communication, etc., first-class domestic middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens, international schools, hospitals with top-class service, star hotels, convenient and efficient shopping centers, as well as self-contained facilities of business, life service and recreation such as international clubs, Olympic sports center, Relic Park of Chang’an City Wall of Tang Dynasty, and Yongyang Park, etc. The greening area of the whole zone reaches nearly five million m2, enabling the green coverage rate reach over 40%. XHTZ has taken the lead in passing the accreditation of the national ISO14000 demonstration zones of environmental protection.

The excellent environment of business initiation and innovation has enables the XHTZ to attract a large group of excellent human resources to start businesses in the Zone, and to become the living and working place of first choice for top-notch talents. Jobholders reach 400,000, including 48 academicians of the Two Academies (Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering), over 2,000 overseas scholars, over 4,000 doctors, and over 10,000 masters. Not only has the XHTZ become the magnet attracting talents from all directions, but become the cradle incubating senior talents of operation, management, and scientific innovation.

Under the correct leadership of both Shaanxi Provincial Committee of CPC, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, Xi’an Municipal Committee of CPC, and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, the XHTZ is exerting its efforts in constructing the Zone into a worldwide first-class science and technology park. It shoots at, in about 15 years and with the strategy of three steps, building the XHTZ into an innovation town with cluster of top-notch talents, active innovation and business start-up, developed cluster of industries, and incubated newly developing industries, as well as a group of first-class scientific enterprises, top-grade new fruit of independent innovation, and famous brand with international impact in the world, and building the XHTZ into a world first-class scientific park of Mainland China featured by independent innovation with first-class mechanism, environment, elements, and achievements.

Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone
Located in the north of Xi’an City, Xi’an Economic & Technological Development Zone was established in 1993, and was approved to be a national economic and technological development zone in February 2000 by the State Council. In June 2002, the State-level Shaanxi Xi’an Export Processing Zone was established and located in north Xi’an. Comprising four functional parks of Central Area, Export Processing Center, Jing-Wei Industrial Park, and Caotan Ecological Park, it aims at developing such four pillar industries as commercial vehicles, mechanism and electricity, food and beverage, and new materials. With evident advantages of location, convenient transportation, consummate supporting facilities and logistics support, excellent living environment and sound enterprise service system, over 2,500 enterprises have settled in it, including a large group of 500 Fortune as well as some famous international and domestic enterprises, such as Coca Cola of America, Siemens of Germany, ABB of Switzerland, Alstom of France, Mitsubishi and Hitachi of Japan, BP of Britain, Cummins of America, Hong Kong Investment Promotion Bureau, Taiwan Ting Hisin, Shenzhen Kingway, Shaanxi Heavy Truck, Sinosteel Xi’an Machinery, etc. Aiming at harmonious development of regional economic society, Xi’an Economic & Technological Development Zone will take improving industrial layer and international competitiveness as the core, give priority to building advanced infrastructure base with an input of RMB hundreds of billions Yuan and impelling the overall plan of the experimental units of integrated supporting reform of towns and rural areas, enhance its advanced manufacturing efficiency, upgrade city construction and socialized management, so as to build the Development Zone into an advanced manufacturing base, export processing center, and a new center of Xi’an City.

Xi’an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base

Xi’an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base is the only one which was approved to set up by the State Development and Reform Commission on August 11, 2004, integrating the R&D of aviation industry, the training of aviation-based talents, aviation equipment manufacturing and integrated manufacturing, components processing and aviation-based services, which was set up by the State relying on the powerful aviation strength in Shaanxi Province. The Base is comprised of the Core District and the Expansion District, of which Yanliang is the Core District with the planned area of 40km2 (including the programmed new area of 28.72km2) and the Expansion District is in the Guanzhong Area of Shaanxi Province and the aviation-based enterprises of Hanzhong City. The Base will focus on the industries of integrated manufacturing, parts manufacturing, and aviation service, so as to gradually form the industrial cluster with aircraft designing and manufacturing, and plane testing and appraising as the main body.

Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base
Established in July 2006, Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base was co-constructed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and both the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government. It enjoys municipal-level economic and managerial jurisdiction. The spaceflight industry was listed one of the five pillar industries which lead Xi’an’s future development.

Located in the southeast of Xi’an city, the Base has a planned area of 23.04km2 and a reserved planning space of about 20km2 for long-term development. It is blessed with favorable geographical advantages and convenient transportation being located at the axle wire of the city and connects bypass expressway, south third ring road, No. 2 Underground Line, and Xi-Kang Expressway. Besides, the Duling Mausoleum of Emperor Xuandi, Grade One cultural relics of the State is also in the Zone. The Base is therefore an important plate of Xi’an’s development of industrial economy.

Based on the construction mode of “once planning, development by stages, and market-driven operation” and the idea of “four savings and one environmental protection”, the scientific developing strategy of “Basing the Zone on aerospace industry and prospering the Zone with hi-tech industries” has been nailed down, and industries of aerospace application, semi-conductor new materials and solar energy photovoltaic projects, and service outsourcing and originality have formed. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has reserved 40 aerospace projects to enter the Zone, Represented by the project of civil-use product initiated by No. 6 Research Academy of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp. (CASIC), technical transformation projects of 7171 factory, five-billion solar PV projects, 1,500-ton silicon chip projects, and advanced semi-conductor power device projects of Northwest Constituent Company of China Power Investment Corporation, and industrialized base project of Northwest Industrial Technology Research Institute. In 2010, the sales revenue of Xi’an Aerospace Base will reach RMB 20 billion Yuan, taking in 100,000 jobholders, forming 10 to 20 famous-brand products with independent intellectual property rights and five to eight leading enterprises with comparatively strong competitiveness both inside and outside China, and becoming the independent innovation platform of aerospace technology, platform of civil-used industrial incubator, and the platform of cooperation among large international enterprises of West China. Efforts will be made to build it into the world famous national hi-tech industrial base.

Xi’an Qujiang New District
Xi’an Qujiang New District, named Xi’an Qujiang Resort originally and renamed “Qujiang New District” in July 2003, was approved to be built by Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government in 1993. On August 11, 2007, Qujiang New District was, together with Shenzhen’s Overseas Chinese Town, authorized to be one of the first batch of National Cultural Industrial Demonstration Zone with awarded plaque. Located in the southeast of Xi’an, Qujiang New District, with a planned area of 18km2, is centered by the worldwide famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Qujiang Park Site. It has four sites of cultural relics under State protection including the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Duling Mausoleum of Emperor Xuandi of Han Dynasty, etc., and Grade - 4A scenic spot like the Big Wild Goose Pagoda scenic spots, Tang Paradise, Qujiang Ocean World, etc. It’s a State-level cultural industrial demonstration base and one the most vigorous scenic spots of China.

Xi’an Qujiang New District is a new key development zone with culture and tourism as pillar industries of Shaanxi Province and Xi’an City. In recent years, depending on the advantages of excellent cultural relics, culture, and tourism of both Shaanxi Province and Xi’an City, featured by culture of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, taking resources integration as the means, important projects as carrier, internationalization as purpose, Qujiang New District has had a large group of key cultural and tourism projects built inside such as North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise, Qujiang Ocean World, and Qujiang International Conference & Exhibition Center. Cultural enterprises like Qujiang Film and TV Group, Qujiang International Exhibition Group, Qujiang Performance Group and Great Tang All Day Mall have been set up. Besides, under unified arrangement and deploy of Shaanxi province and Xi’an municipality, Qujiang New District undertook planning and development and construction of protection and reconstruction of Daming Palace relics area, Famen Temple cultural scenic spot, and Louguantai Taoism culture demonstration zone, and a cultural and industrial system led by culture and tourism, exhibition originality, film and TV performance, press and media, etc. has been formed rudimentarily, enabling it to elevate rapidly to be the most important tourism distribution center of West China, as well as the significant region of Shaanxi’s development of cultural and tourist industries.

Xi’an Chan-Ba Ecological District
Located at the eastern suburb of Xi’an, Chan-Ba Ecological District reaches to the southern bank of Weihe River in the north, Bypass Expressway in the south, Xi’an-Tongchuan Expressway in the west and Xi’an-Ankang Railway in the east including the north-south belt area along the banks of Chanhe River and Bahe River. The District covers a total planned area of 129km2, including 89km2 for intensive treatment.

In history, “Eight Rivers Winding around Chang’an” in history, among them Chanhe River and Bahe River have been two well-known water systems. For a long time, located at the brim of Xi’an, the ecological functions of Chanhe River and Bahe River have been attenuated. Upon entering the 21st century, Chan-Ba area, once the eastern suburb of Xi’an, has gradually grown into an important component for the central city zone of Xi’an along with the expansion of the urban center And the modification of the 4th urban planning. Xi’an Municipal Committee of CPC and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government initiated the construction of Xi’an Chan-Ba Ecological District with goals of: On the one hand, carrying out comprehensive treatment of rivers and ecological reconstruction, so as to perfect the urban morphology, improve the ecological environment, elevate the urban layout and enhance the overall urban carrying capacity, and; on the other hand, starting up the construction of urban infrastructures and developing industries in line with the advantages of the district, such as logistics, finance, tourism, trade, conference & exhibition, culture and education, etc., so as to forge a new urban area and realize balanced development with other districts.

Chan-Ba Ecological District will be ultimately transformed a new town of the third generation in Xi’an by centering on the construction of “four zones” (new urban zone, ecological zone, business zone and landscape zone) and “four belts” (ecological belt, landscape belt, tourism belt and economic belt). It is estimated that by year 2020, Chan-Ba Ecological District will be built into a new urban area that integrates multiple functions including ecology, business, landscape and residence.

The construction of Chan-Ba Ecological District represents the strategic action taken by Xi’an Municipal Committee of CPC and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government in carrying out the scientific outlook on development and the concepts of “four-modernization”. It is also a key component for construction in the “11th Five-Year Plan” of Xi’an. It is of great significance to accelerate the construction of Chan-Ba Ecological District for improving the ecological environment of Xi’an, widening the urban development space, advancing the urban function and grade and quickening the development pace of Xi’an.

During four years since its establishment in September 2004, the Administrative Committee of Xi’an Chan-Ba Ecological District, under the guidance of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and Xi’an Municipal Committee of CPC as well as the support of people from all walks of life, has effectively implemented the scientific outlook on development and worked out feasible overall scheme for development. By adhering to the development strategies of “Ecology First and Develop with Planning”, “Giving Priority to Infrastructure and Speeding-up with Key Projects”, the river treatment, improvement of ecological environment and infrastructural construction in the District have been boosted, which expedites the functions of the district, realizes futuristic industrial growth and shape the modern, ecological and international pattern for the new urban town of third generation.

As the most fashionable and modern emerging urban district that is characterized with vitality and outstanding ecological environment, Chan-Ba Ecological District is the very site where the Euro-Asia Economic Forum is held every two years and the exciting F1 Motorboat World Championship attracts great number of visitors. Besides, as the location for the first-ever “National Pilot District for the Protection and Restoration of Water Ecological System” and the “National Wetland Park” in West China, Chan-Ba Ecological District has become a sample for metropolitan ecological district in China. It is also the venue for the “China Cup” Ikebana Floriculture Contest and the 2011 World Horticultural Exposition. In year 2008, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government proposed to “build Chan-Ba Financial and Business Zone and the key financial center in West China”, which ensured Chan-Ba Ecological District to grow into an important financial service center in West China.

According to its overall planning, upon completion, Chan-Ba Ecological District will have a water area of 20,000 mu, urban public green space of 19.511 million m2 and overall greening rate of 48.5%, which would not only forge spacious and unique ecological landscapes but also realize the annual absorption of 3,700 tons of carbon dioxide, annual production of 2,600 tons of oxygen and annual elimination of 4,400 tons of dust. Therefore, it would for sure become an ecological compensation district and a vital “Green Lung” for Xi’an.

It is estimated that by year 2020, Chan-Ba Ecological District will be built into a new urban area that has 550,000 residents and integrates multiple functions including ecology, convention and exhibition, business, leisure, culture and residence. At that time, it can, without doubt, become a new urban area of third generation featuring pleasant ecological environment and agreeable harmony between man and nature.

Xi’an International Logistics & Trade Park

As a significant node in China’s logistics system and a key project defined in the “11th Five-Year Plan” of Shaanxi, Xi’an International Logistics & Trade Park lies on the delta of Bahe River and Weihe River in the northeastern suburb of Xi’an, where Jinghe River, Weihe River, Chanhe River and Bahe River meet with one another. Located nearby the permanent venue of the Euro-Asia Economic Forum, the venue of 2011 World Horticultural Exposition, Weihe River National Wetland Reserve and the famous human landscape of “Dividing Line of water from Jinghe River and Weihe River”, the Park has a core area of about 19km2, planned expansion area about 33km2 and planned control area of 120km2.

Functioning as a specialized industrial park that focuses on modern logistics, modern trade and services, the Park, by relying on the two platforms including Xi’an Railway Container Central Station and Xi’an Comprehensive Bonded Zone, integrates the transport by highway, railway, airway and sea route as well as receives the businesses transferred from the coastal port into the hinterland. Therefore, the Park will forge the industrial clusters for trade, logistics, processing and services with speed, grow into the portal and bridge that links Northwest China with the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle and the Economic Circle Surrounding Bohai and finally turn into a logistics platform that renders services to Shaanxi, covers Northwest China and radiates to the nodal cities along the Eurasia Land Bridge.

Located within the key strategic area for the development of Xi’an and endowed with premium locational advantage, the Park connects with the 3rd North Ring and the Bypass Expressway in the City, and is 5km away form the administrative center of Xi’an. Here lie largest inland railway hub and one of the largest inland railway transport telecom centers in China. In addition, the Park is the center of the radiating regional trunk railway network and the largest node in China’s trunk highway network. Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, which is located nearby the Park, has been one of the seven largest airport hubs in China. Hence, endowed with advantageous location and convenient transport, the Park is bound to soar up in accelerated development.

By sticking to the strategy of “Carrying out Investment Promotion on Large Scale, with Big Goals and Steady Procures” as well as “Attracting, Stabilizing, Cultivating and Enriching the Investors”, great achievements have been made for the investment promotion of the Park. So far, a number of large enterprises groups including Shenzhen South China Town, Singapore CWT Logistics, China Mobile, Shaanxi Pharmaceuticals and Shaanxi Aoda, etc. have reached intents for cooperation with the Park. Therefore, in future, the development of the said projects will soon bring into form industrial clusters in the Park.With a view to aggregating and linking up logistics and trade all round the world, we sincerely welcome entrepreneurs with strength and strategic vision to join the Park!

Xi’an Fengwei New District

The backbone of Xi-Xian (Xi’an-Xianyang) New District, Xi’an Fengwei New District is established on the basis of implementation of “Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan” under the leadership of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government. It sustains great functions to build a strategic national inland economic opening and development region, which facilitates building up Great Xi’an to drive the developments of Great Guanzhong and northwest of China. It will take a leading role in further developing Xi’an an international metropolis.

The New District was officially established on February 21, 2010. It covers a range in the south of Weihe River, the north of the old Xi-Bao Highway (G310), connecting the West Third Ring Road of Xi’an in the east and Xi-Xian Bypass Expressway in planning in the west. It has a total planned area of 195km2, in which 125km2 is under Xi’an’s jurisdiction and 70 km2 in Xianyang, covering 146 administrative villages from 11 townships and sub-districts of three districts and one county from Xi’an and Xianyang cities, with the total population of over 259,000.

In terms of strategic positioning, in light of “Xi-Xian New District Planning Construction Scheme” made by Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, Fengwei New District is positioned mainly as both the new style of CBD with the most comfortable and attractive living environment in Xi’an-Xianyang metropolitan, as well as the important base for biological and environmental protection industries in western China, through the great endeavors to build the urban specially-designed functional area and the biological industry clusters in the District. While focusing on the above requirements and the principles to keep economic growth, social harmony and sustainable development of ecological environment, Fengwei New District will grow to be a model and guiding district to coordinate urban-rural development, promote cooperation between cities, and expedite Xi’an-Xianyag integration; a new urban functional district with beautiful green and waters, pleasant living environment, and harmonious contrasts between historical culture and modern civilization; a key area for Xi’an as international metropolis; an important clusters for low-carbon economy and green industries influential to Guanzhong-Tianshui region and western China; a backbone for the development plan of Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone.

In terms of layout, the New District has a layout so-called “Two-River Two-Center Three-Park and Five-Base”, i.e. Two-River represents an ecological landscape gallery built on two ecological water systems of Weihe river and Fenghe river; Two-Center refers to the Olympic Sports Center and the new district CBD which promote the city image; Three-Park stands for Fengwei Delta Central (Wetland) Park, Han Jianzhang Palace Relics Park, and Qin Efang Palace Relics Park, demonstrating the local cultural and ecological resources; Five-Base means the Production Service Industry Base on the both sides of Xianyang Century Avenue, Xianyang Biological and Life Science Industry Base, Weiyang Modern Logistics and Equipment Manufacturing Base, Chang’an Doumen Modern Science and Technology Industry Base, and Huxian County New Materials and New Energy Environmental Protection Industrial Base, which will build up a modern industries system in the New District.

The year of 2010 sets the milestone of first step for building up Fengwei New District. The New District, in the principle of scientific development and motivated by systems and mechanism innovation, will dedicate to putting into effect the work plan for the construction of the district decided by Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, Xi’an Municipal Committee of the CPC, and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government. Based on the “Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan”, the target to build the core district of an internationalmetropolis for Xi’an, and the ideology of internationalization and proactive preparation, we will endeavor to make a successful start for the development and construction of Fengwei New District by enhancing infrastructure, quickening the pace of urban-rural coordination, making more efforts to promote investments, innovating the financing model and developing more financing channels, while emphasizing on planning with great visions, starting with big projects, and operating with joint advantages and synergy.

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